About WhyLabs

The AI Observability Company

WhyLabs is on a mission to build the interface between humans and AI applications

As teams across industries adopt AI, WhyLabs enables them to operate with certainty by streamlining model monitoring, preventing costly model failures, and facilitating cross-functional collaboration. Incubated at the Allen Institute for AI, WhyLabs is a privately-held, venture-funded company based in Seattle.

The company was founded by Amazon Machine Learning alums Alessya Visnjic, Sam Gracie, and Andy Dang, together with Maria Karaivanova, former Cloudflare executive and principal at Madrona Venture Group. Use WhyLabs to supercharge your AI teams!

To learn more, you can follow WhyLabs on Twitter, or WhyLabs on LinkedIn, or join the WhyLabs Community on Slack.

Meet the team

Fun fact: some of the team have never met in person, even though we're based in Seattle.

Alessya Visnjic

CEO and Co-Founder

Maria Karaivanova

COO and Co-Founder

Sam Gracie

CPO and Co-Founder

Andy Dang

Lead Engineer and Co-Founder

Bernease Herman

Data Scientist

Isaac Backus

Applied Scientist

Michael McDuffee

Sr. Frontend Engineer

Anthony Naddeo

Sr. Software Engineer

Alex Sudbinin

Software Engineer

Sanjana Chowdhury

Technical Program Manager Intern

Run AI with Certainty

We take the pain out of model and data monitoring so that you spend less time
firefighting, and more time building models.