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Frictionless Data and Model Monitoring

Enable AI Observability to detect ML issues faster, deliver continuous improvements, and avoid costly incidents


Any data

Structured or unstructured. Monitor raw data, feature data, predictions and actuals.


Any platform

Batch or streaming. Integrate seamlessly with existing data pipelines and multi-cloud architectures.


Any scale

Go from massive amounts of data to real-time actionable insights in minutes.

AI Observability for everyone.

Free forever, no credit card needed.

  • checkmarkProfile 100% of your data. No sampling. No sending data to third parties.
  • checkmarkIntegrate in minutes. Get data flowing instantly. Get alerted.
  • checkmarkPinpoint data drifts and data quality issues. Get alerts about training-serving skew.
  • checkmarkEnable observability for your ML models and data right now
  • checkmarkTrack model performance continuously, in real time, at any level of granularity
  • checkmarkFree edition, onboard in a few minutes
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What people are saying about WhyLabs

“At Airspace, we use AI to minimize risk across the supply chain for the world’s most critical shipments. WhyLabs has been instrumental in driving the scalability of our AI operations. The platform offers easy onboarding, data privacy-friendly integration, and a command-center view that allows us to quickly identify and treat problems before they impact the user experience. The downstream impact of enabling observability is that we are able to continuously expand on our differentiating technology by leveraging machine learning for more use cases”

Ryan Rusnak

Co-founder and CTO, Airspace

“We love how easy it was to integrate whylogs with our custom infrastructure. whylogs allows our data scientists to get insights about their datasets and monitor the models that they deploy.”

Nobuyuki Kuromatsu

Platform Engineer (MLOps), AI Platform Team
Yahoo Japan Corporation

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Easy integration

  • checkmarkIntegrate in minutes with whylogs, the open-source data logging library
  • checkmarkOnboard the WhyLabs SaaS Platform in just three quick steps, on any ML stack








### WhyLabs Platform support for whylogs v1 is coming soon!
### The following WhyLabs Platform integration example requires the latest whylogs v0 version: 
### pip install "whylogs<1.0"

import pandas as pd
import os
from import Session
from import WhyLabsWriter

os.environ["WHYLABS_API_KEY"] = "YOUR-API-KEY"

# Adding the WhyLabs Writer to utilize WhyLabs platform
writer = WhyLabsWriter()

session = Session(project="demo-project", pipeline="demo-pipeline", writers=[writer])

# Point to your local CSV if you have your own data
df = pd.read_csv("")
# Run whylogs on current data and upload to the WhyLabs Platform
# Note: 'datasetId' maps to 'model-id' that is provided when setting-up a model in WhyLabs
with session.logger(tags={"datasetId": "model-1"}) as ylog:
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Data health / DataOps

Catch missing data, null values, schema changes, and other data quality issues automatically
Prevent training-serving skew by continuously monitoring against a training data baseline
Pinpoint data drifts and data bias before they impact the user experience
Monitor the Feature Store to detect outages and drifts
Proactive Alerts Charts
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Model health / ModelOps

Continuously track model outputs and model performance for any model type
Debug model behavior anomalies quickly, with smart correlation and visualization
Get alerted about concept drift and model accuracy degradation
Configure and monitor any custom model metric or KPI
Model health / ModelOps
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Privacy preserving

WhyLabs profiles model inputs and outputs to capture only statistical profiles of the underlining data
The raw data never leaves the customer VPC/perimeter. All WhyLabs product features operate on statistical profiles
Statistical profiles do not contain proprietary information or PII
All statistical profiles are encrypted during transfer and at rest
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Zero maintenance

No schema maintenance. The integration layer automatically infers data schema.
No monitoring configuration. Simply pick your baseline and sensitivity.
No data sampling. WhyLabs profiles 100% of the data to deliver accurate distributions.
No deployment pain. WhyLabs is a SaaS AI Observability layer that suits even the most secure organization.
Zero maintenance

Seamless integration with your existing pipelines and tools

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