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Financial Services

AI powers unmatched customer experience and optimizes business decisions. By continuously monitoring, you ensure that these benefits are not offset by the elevated risks caused by AI bias and opaqueness.

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Personalization and Recommendations

AI powers most all models personalization and recommendation systems, delivering top-notch customer experiences. But when these AI models suffer from failures - poor performance in certain customer segments - it turns into a large-scale customer dissapointment.

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Risk and Fraud Management

AI is utilized to process massive volumes of transaction data to find fraud patterns and identify fraud in real-time. As adversaries evolve, the AI models have to be retrained to ensure continuous performance. Monitoring can alert when retraining is necessary automatically.

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Credit Processing

Optimizing credit decisions with AI helps organizations scale. However, AI models are prone to bias and lack of transparency. Continuous monitoring of model predictions across protected classes creates transparency into model decision fairness and helps eliminate bias.

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Ensure reliable and responsible AI-powered experiences across the business

The worlds largest financial services companies rely on WhyLabs to power AI-system monitoring to ensure customer experiences are trustworthy, reliable, and fair

checkmarkEnsure trustworthy and fair customer experience

checkmarkCreate trust and transaprency for all AI-powered decisions

checkmarkEnable monitoring of AI applications without compromising on data privacy

checkmarkBreak down silos with a shared source of truth

Modern financial services organizations must deliver robust, reliable, and exceptional customer experience. To ensure the performance of AI-powered systems, organizations need insight into the health of AI models as well as the data that powers them. WhyLabs provides comprehensive visibility into AI model performance, data quality, and business KPIs in a single platform.

With millions of customers across mobile and web apps, financial services organizations have to manage billions of AI decisions which are generated by processing terabytes of data. WhyLabs allows financial services organizations to assess the health of this data in a privacy-preserving and cost-effective way, without moving or duplicating the data. The resulting AI and data health dashboards every stakeholder, from data scinetists to product managers to executives, gains transparency into the health of each AI application powering the business.

"We chose WhyLabs for several reasons. First, they provide all the core model monitoring functionalities that we're looking for including a straightforward presentation of results, outlier detection, histograms, data drift monitoring, and missing feature values. [Second,] they have strong data privacy due to their aggregation of data before consumption and very fast ingestion."

— Erin

ML Platform Program Manager

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