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Robust & Responsible AI Newsletter - Issue #2

Every quarter we send out a roundup of the hottest MLOps and Data-Centric AI news including industry highlights, what’s brewing at WhyLabs, and more.

ISSUE: June 2022

🕚  TL;DR

Trying to keep up with MLOps, but only have 10 minutes? Here is your shortlist:

Run: The new and improved whylogs v1. The new release brings a simpler API, new data constraints, new profile visualizations, faster performance, and a usability refresh. Read a breakdown of what’s new in our blog!

Read: Merlin, the magical new ML platform! Shopify redesigned their machine learning platform and outlined how they built Merlin, the architecture, working with the platform, and a product use case.

Attend: MLOps Summit by AIIA. Sessions cover everything from performance monitoring and troubleshooting, to data quality and drift monitoring, to the differences between monitoring, observability, and explainability. Register here, and we’ll see you there!

💡 Open Source Spotlight

There's a lot going on in the world of open source tooling! Here is what's new:

ML teams know what infrastructure is right for them. Now you have choices with BentoCtl! Check out the new release to learn how you can generate the necessary Terraform code to automate model deployment into any cloud environment.

Feast your eyes on ZenML’s new integration. ZenML’s latest release includes their first feature store integration. Now you can easily pull offline and online features from a Feast feature store directly in your pipelines!

Supercharge your data science workflows. LineaPy captures, extracts and translates development code in minutes, simplifying data engineering with just two lines of code. Save up to 40% of the bottleneck tasks that occur from workflow challenges!

📚 What MLOps experts are reading

Keeping up with the latest on MLOps can be a full-time job. Here are the highlights:

Taking on ML system complexity. Chip Huyen recently published a book breaking down each design decision using case studies to show how to tackle the complex and unique ML ecosystem.

Bad things happen to good models. But you can ensure and sustain data quality by understanding why you need data quality monitoring in the first place, and the open source or SaaS solutions available.

MLOps in 10 minutes. MLOps is a new topic and there’s no consensus on what it is or what it isn’t. In this quick read, Alexey Grigorev gives his take on why there’s more to MLOps than deployment tools and infrastructure prep.

☕️ What’s brewing at WhyLabs

At WhyLabs, we are focused on making AI observability as easy and intuitive as your coffee machine. Here are our latest releases:

whylogs is now simpler, faster, and more powerful. Since the first release of whylogs, we’ve been diligently collecting feedback from our users and have released a new and improved version with upgraded usability and performance.

Streaming data? Monitor the quality! We launched Kafka container support that enables monitoring of data quality and data drifts in a streaming pipeline. No data volume limits!

Building a kick-ass Community: The Robust & Responsible (Rsqrd) AI Community organizes community events, live chats, and a platform to share knowledge and collaborate on best practices for enterprise-scale AI development. Come join us!

🎟️ Robust & Responsible AI, at an event near you

If you're looking for high quality events, we've got you covered. As a perk, you will always have a friend, because somebody from WhyLabs is either speaking or attending!

MLOps World | June 7-10 | Toronto, ON

The Ultimate ML Operations & Strategy Conference & Expo. Bernease Herman will be hosting a workshop on continuously improving ML models in a data-centric way. If you are attending in person and want to meet, connect with Bernease!

ODSC Europe | June 15-16 | Tobacco Dock, London

Data science conference focusing on the latest language and infrastructure advancements. Felipe Adachi will be hosting a virtual workshop on visually inspecting data profiles for data distribution drifts.  Register now, while tickets are 20% off to attend virtually or in person. ODSC APAC’s virtual event is coming up in September, register early for discounted pricing!

AWS ReMars | June 21-24 | Las Vegas, NV

The latest in machine learning, automation, robotics, and space (MARS) technologies. Register today to start favoriting sessions and connect with Maria and Andy on the Rsqrd AI Community Slack if you’ll be there!

Data + AI Summit | June 27-30 | San Francisco, CA

The world’s largest data and AI conference returns live, and virtually in a new hybrid format. Register for four days packed with keynotes by industry visionaries, technical sessions, and hands-on training. Reach out to Andy on Slack to meet up IRL!

Ray Summit | August 23-24 | San Francisco, CA

Brings together practitioners, researchers, and academics for two full days of epic Ray talks, community celebrations, and deep-dive technical content. Get discounted tickets by registering before June 17th and message Danny on Slack to connect while you’re there!

Join the Community

Join the Robust & Responsible AI (Rsqrd) Community on Slack to connect with other practitioners, share ideas, and learn about exciting new techniques. Attend the community live chats or check out YouTube to see all the recordings.

If you want to help support whylogs, the open-source standard for data logging, check out our GitHub and give us a star.

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Robust & Responsible AI Newsletter - Issue #4

Every quarter we send out a roundup of the hottest MLOps and Data-Centric AI news including industry highlights, what’s brewing at WhyLabs, and more.

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