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WhyLabs Recognized as a Leading AI Company on CB Insights' 2023 AI100 List

WhyLabs has been included on the highly regarded CB Insights AI100 List of Most Innovative AI Companies Worldwide, highlighting the top 100 most promising private AI companies from around the globe. Being included on the AI100 List is a testament to WhyLabs' commitment to driving innovation and advancing the field of AI.

“Being recognized by CBInsights reinforces AI development tools' importance in enabling enterprise AI adoption. Our team at WhyLabs is working relentlessly to shape this tooling ecosystem and define the category of AI Observability. I am so inspired to see how 2023 is shaping up for the AI community and energized to work on making AI practitioners successful at deploying AI and LLM applications to positively impact our daily lives!” - Alessya Visnjic, CEO and Co-Founder, WhyLabs

CB Insights' research team picked the 100 private market vendors from a pool of nearly 9,000 companies based on CB Insights datasets, including R&D activity, proprietary Mosaic scores, business relationships, Yardstiq transcripts, investor profiles, news sentiment analysis, competitive landscape, and team strength. The team also reviewed thousands of Analyst Briefings submitted by applicants, selecting companies based on criteria including tech novelty and market potential.

As a trusted observability platform, WhyLabs empowers high-performing teams to effectively manage and control the behavior of their AI and data applications. We are proud to be recognized for our contributions to this rapidly evolving industry, and we look forward to continuing to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

CB Insights AI100

To learn more about the AI 100 and the other companies on the list, visit the CB Insights website.

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