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WhyLabs Recognized by CB Insights GenAI 50 among the Most Innovative Generative AI Startups

CB Insights named WhyLabs to its first annual GenAI 50 ranking, a list of the world’s top 50 most innovative companies developing generative AI applications and infrastructure across industries. What makes this particularly notable is that Model Observability is immediately recognized as an essential category critical to the success of LLM applications. As a pioneer in this category, we are proud of the work the WhyLabs team and the ML/AI community have accomplished to establish Observability as a vital tool for every organization running AI in production.

“Generative AI has created a paradigm shift in how companies innovate, and our first ever GenAI 50 cohort is leading the way,” said Deepashri Varadharajan, Director of AI research at CB Insights. “Together, they are pushing the boundaries of drug discovery, human-machine interfaces, database tech, and more. As this future seemingly unfolds before our eyes, I cannot wait to see what they accomplish next.”

Being recognized by CB Insights reinforces how important the AI development tools are in enabling enterprise AI adoption. Our team at WhyLabs is working relentlessly to shape up this tooling ecosystem and define the category of AI Observability. With the rise of Generative AI applications, our focus has been on establishing best practices in operating this new class of models and providing practitioners with tools to operate models with the necessary rigor, transparency, and safety.

“We are thrilled to be recognized for our innovation in Generative AI alongside companies like OpenAI, Hugging Face, and LangChain. The WhyLabs team is focused on building solutions that help enterprises monitor and protect their AI systems and catch problems before they affect customers or users. With the recent launch of LangKit, users can now identify and proactively address various risks and challenges within their LLMs, including toxic language, data leakage, hallucinations, and jailbreaks." said Alessya Visnjic, co-founder and CEO at WhyLabs.

Today, security is one of the most important topics on the mind of LLM adopters and CISOs. Unlike traditional software vulnerabilities, LLMs are susceptible to a range of new types of risks and vulnerabilities, which are rapidly evolving. WhyLabs provides an extensible platform that enables teams to implement and continuously update security best practices as new threats emerge. Starting with the OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities for LLMs (v0.5), using a scalable telemetry based approach, WhyLabs builds guardrails and policies based on the new guidelines as they become available.

Our team works tirelessly to provide AI practitioners with the most sophisticated purpose-built observability tools, so they can deploy AI applications responsibly and run them without failure. If you're one of the teams on track to launch LLMs to production this quarter, let’s collaborate. We’d love to share the expertise we have gained from helping enterprises operate LLMs at scale since the launch of GPT3.

To learn more about the GenAI 50 and the other companies on the list, visit the CB Insights website.

The CB Insights’ research team picked these 50 private market vendors using datasets, including R&D activity, proprietary Mosaic scores, business relationships, Yardstiq transcripts, investor profiles, news sentiment analysis, competitive landscape, and team strength - and criteria such as tech novelty and market potential.

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